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Prefacing with: I do not want to hear about your shock. I don’t want to hear about your apologies. Express that to your white friends. I don’t want to hear about how you or your friends aren’t like this. I fucking guarantee you know someone like this.

I haven’t been…

Beach at sunset with golden glow. Two surfers on bottom right walking towards the ocean

I would like the opportunity to be mediocre.

I would like to be able to fail and not suffer any consequences.

Like, be average and underwhelming and just middling in work performance. This is a sentiment that I have generally felt for at least the last half-decade. If it were…

Below is an excerpt from a work in progress.

Cultural guilt is:

  • knowing names of ingredients only by sight and a taste description (“that crunchy cucumber thing”)
  • someone else naming a dish that you grew up eating but never knew the name of
  • recognizing when something is in a language…

Diversity is not a trend. It’s not an idea that you can pick up at the moment and put down whenever you want. It’s not a hot topic, because that implies that it will go away.

Diversity is not something you give lip service to,
encouraging it,
discussing it,
and at…

I am speaking at Tamper Tantrum’s first US appearance in September. My topic will be about power dynamics: understanding them and identifying various solutions to ease them.

I’m interested in hearing your stories about how power dynamics have affected you in your professional coffee career.

Power dynamics are in play in a myriad of ways: manager<>barista, client<>consultant, barista<>customer, just to name a few. …

Tl;dr: Most people actively read & sympathized with my previous article, but others ignored the premise. I examine the common responses. Some asked for more action items & those are included, too.

The piece linked above was my very first personal essay on intersectional feminism that had any sort of…

Jenn Chen

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